Lee Calhoun makes it his priority to make sure you or your loved ones out quickly! He is very experienced & can walk you through the process with ease. He has flexible options for his clients & a 24 hour bail bonds service & bail bond consultation for no charge!

Here are some tips for you to remember before you can call lee Calhoun, that you should not do! First, do not talk. You always have the right to remain silent. This is important & you should take advantage of it. Second, do not run. Although you do not need to talk, you should still follow the officer’s instructions. Running could lead traditional charges & if you are in trial, it could lead to further complications such as “consciousness of guilt”. Third, never resist arrest. NEVER touch the officer, always remain compliant with the officer & never get aggressive.

Next, remember that the police do not initially have the right to search you or your belongings. Unless they have a warrant, they can not search you. Especially if you are worried about an area to be searched! Then remember not to talk back to the police in a poor manner. You want to seem calm & together when in contact with the officer. The biggest rule to remember is to remember you do not need to talk! You have the right to remain silent & in most cases it is most beneficial for your case to stay silent until you have a lawyer present.

When you find yourself in a pinch, always call Lee Calhoun! 353-379-9100!

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