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Getting the phone call that a loved one is in jail can cause high levels of stress & anxiety, especially for those who don’t know what to do to get their loved ones released. The top priority for most is to get their loved one released as quickly as possible, which is where bail bonds Gainesville Florida can help. While it might seem like an easy enough process to hire a bail bondsman to help out, there is more that you should know about being the bail bond indemnitor, before you sign the dotted line. Learn your responsibilities & have a detailed discussion with your bail bondsman to ensure that you underst& your obligations when you post bail for a loved one.

You are responsible for ensuring their appearance at court

When released from jail on bail, the defendant is eligible to go home & see their families, & contact an attorney if they deem it necessary. As the indemnitor, your primary responsibility is to ensure that they are in attendance at every scheduled court appearance while out on bail. Failure to appear at a scheduled court date will result in the judge issuing a bench warrant for arrest & revoking bail. While it is the responsibility of the defendant to attend all court proceedings, it is also the responsibility of the bail bond indemnitor, to make sure that the defendant does in fact appear in court. If you fail to ensure that the defendant makes it to all of their scheduled court appearances, you are civilly liable. Before agreeing to bail someone out of jail, take some time to consider the likelihood that they will make it to all of their scheduled court appearances, or the likelihood that they will skip court dates.

Ensure that conditions of bail are met

While the primary condition that is set for bail is that the defendant will appear at all court dates, there may be other conditions established as part of their bail. Violation of any or all of the conditions set forth by the court in their bail can have the same results as if a defendant had skipped court. This means that as the bonds indemnitor, you are civilly liable for any bail violations. Therefore, you are responsible to encourage the defendant to be compliant with all conditions set forth in their bail. Common conditions of bail include:

  • Maintaining or seeking employment
  • Maintaining or seeking enrollment in school
  • Surrendering all firearms
  • Avoiding alcohol & illicit drugs
  • Abiding by travel restrictions
  • Abiding by a curfew
  • Checking in with the police periodically
  • Avoiding any/all contact with the alleged victim

You are financially responsible

You are financially responsible if the defendant’s bail is revoked for any reason. You’ll forfeit any collateral or deposit that you used to secure the bail bond. Depending on the circumstances, & the collateral used, this means that you might lose your home, car, or valuable jewelry.

Before you make the decision to bail a loved one out of jail, consider what is involved for you, & what your responsibilities are. Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds Gainesville Florida has years of experience, & can help you to make the right decision for you & your situation. Contact us today to learn how we can help get your loved one released from jail in a timely manner, while you make an informed decision about your responsibilities, as well.

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