What to Expect

What to expect after an arrest in Ocala FL in Marion County?

Call today: (352)300-1093! After an arrest, the defendant is taken to the Marion County Jail, located at 700 NW 30th St. Ocala, Florida 34475 (352) 300-1093.

If the defendant’s car was left unattended due to the arrest & was towed, the Marion County Sheriff Department can be called at (352) 300-1093. The sheriff department, after being given the address or the tag number of the vehicle towed away the vehicle. They will either refer you to the arresting agency if it were not it so the vehicle location can be found or tell you which towing company has the vehicle.

Once the defendant is booked into the Marion County Jail, FL, a process that takes about an hour after the arrival of the accused. The defendant is ready to be bonded out provided that the defendant has never had a felony arrest in the past. In Ocala County Jail, FL, a felony arrest is all it takes to require for the defendant to have to stay overnight until first appearance, not a felony conviction. 1st appearance is held every morning including holidays & weekends at 9 am. The overnight requirement does not apply to a defendant who had a warrant before being arrested. This only applies to “on view” arrests, meaning arrests that are made on site when the officer confronts a future defendant & ends up arresting him or her.

At first, an appearance which is held at the Marion County Criminal Court House located at 220 South Main Street Ocala, Fl 32601. The defendant will appear via closed circuit television the following morning & will be addressed by the court in regards to granting or denying bail. After bail is set, the defendant’s orders for release typically won’t be available to the jail until about an hour after the full 1st appearance hearing is over. However, meanwhile, the defendant’s loved ones may contact us at that time when they’ve found out how much the bond will be so that we may use our resources to initiate the bail bond release process.

In Marion County, Ocala, Florida, bail bondsmen are not allowed to write bail bonds in the jail. Typically, Ocala County bail bonds in FL are written at the bail bond agency. A typical bail bond is written this way.

There is an indemnitor, the person(s) who will sign a contract with the bail bond company agreeing to protect the bail bond agency from any loss for the entire face value of the bond, not the 10% the bail bond agent charges for his services. If for some reason the defendant misses court by mistake, don’t panic. Often an affidavit can be filed with the clerk of the court explaining the discrepancy, & a new court date may be issued. The best thing to do is to call your bail bondsman & let him know the situation.  Once released from the Ocala, Florida Jail, the Marion County Clerk of Court will set a court date & send it to the address it has on file, typically the address that was given to the Marion County Jail, FL at the time of arrest. In most cases, the bail bondsman will receive notification as well.

A defendant can look up his or her own upcoming court date by visiting the Marion County Clerk of Court website. Just go to court records & put in the name & view upcoming court dates. Typically the court dates are set within 30 days of the defendant bonding out of jail. Ocala County Bail Bonds, FL are allowed to be posted at the Marion County Jail  24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Defendants are released in this same manner. In your time of need of a local bail bond agent, call Lee Calhoun, a bail bond expert, with over a decade of experience in Marion County, Ocala, Florida offering 24-hour bail bonds service seven days a week In Marion County. Your timely release is our priority.

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