Posting bail is a process that may seem long & arduous, but can be taken care of quickly by Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds. First & foremost, we would need the arrestees name, date of birth, & which county they are being detained in. Once we have all of the necessary information we can start the required bond forms. We will help you fill these forms out & answer & questions you might have. Once all paperwork is in order, we can post the bond. When the bond is posted, the defendant is released. The indemnitor, the family or friend getting the bail posted, & the bail bond agency are responsible for the defendants appearance in court whenever they are ordered to do so until the case has been dismissed.

After the case is over & the bond is discharged, any collateral (minus any fees) is returned to the indemnitor. Collateral on a bond is what is accepted by a Bail Agent to guarantee that they are held financially responsible s as a result of the Defendant’s bond being turned down. Collateral is obtained or received in several forms.  The most common form of collateral is a Promissory Note.  This is a signature on designated forms that is used to hold the Indemnitor on the bond financially responsible for the bond. No collateral will be released to the indemnitor until we have the discharge from court & all money has been paid.

Seeing how complicated this process can be, wouldn’t you want to entrust professionals to see it through so that it is done correctly so that you & your loved ones can sleep under the same roof? Finding the experienced & professional staff you thought was too good to be true is actually as easy as calling Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds at (352) 379-9100 or emailing [email protected]. You can also come to visit our office in Gainseville at 1517 NW 23rd Avenue.

Our motto, ‘Your Timely Release is Our Priority’ is not just words- it is out passion. Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds is here for you! We offer 24-hour service in Alachua, Marion, Union, Columbia, Levy, Gainesville, Ocala, Williston, Starke, High Springs, Bradford, & Archer. We also help provide you with the money you need to post a bail by providing another option, a car title loan alternative through our sister company called Calhoun Cash Advance. There is no need to look anywhere else because the efficiency & quality in work & advice at Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds is unequaled. Please do not hesitate to call in your time of need. Any hour of the day, any day of the week, we are here for you. Call today!

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