Located in Gainesville, Florida, Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds has 24-hour service that makes you their number one priority. Payment options are available; you pay half now & half later. The professional & experienced staff will guide you through the processes that enable you to post bail for you or your loved ones.

Testimonials from clients show that Lee Calhoun is the number one choice when you need friendly & professional help in your time of need. Michael says, “…He made the whole process fast & easy. I was out in no time. If you are in need of a trust worthy & dependable bail bondsman I highly recommend contacting Lee Calhoun.” Carl says “One of the most affordable locations I’ve come across…It’s amazing how fast they work to get you out.” Do not hesitate to contact Lee Calhoun!

An important aspect in all of this is to know your rights if stopped by the police.  Any infringement of these rights by an officer is unlawful. You have the right to remain silent. If you do not wish to speak when questioned, tell the officer because you are not required by law to answer questions besides your name in some states. You also have the right to refuse to consent to a search of yourself, your car, or your home. If you are not under arrest you do not have to stay there. Simply ask if you are under arrest. If you are arrested, do not answer any questions & tell them that you need to speak with a lawyer.

It is always good to know your rights if you do not wish to answer questions. If you find yourself in need of bail assistance, contact Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds.

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