Bail bond system allows an accused person to get out of the jail & stay free while the trial goes on. Although, every country has its own bond system, the basic motto remains the same. In this blog, we will come to know every query which arises regarding bail & the bail bond.

If any of your loved ones or friends has been arrested, most probably, you need to secure a bail bond to get them free. Unless, you are familiar with the court system, there are a number of things you should know about the bail & the bail bond system at Alachua County Jail in Gainesville Fl.

Starting From The Basics

What is bail & bail bond?

Bail is the money deposited to a court to set the defendant free from the jail. In other words, it is like a promise to the court that the defendant will return to the court for all his/her trial. The defendant agrees to present before the court on all the scheduled dates & the court consents to return his/her money once the trial is over. If the accused doesn’t show up for all the hearings, a warrant is issued for his/her arrest & the total deposit for the bail is forfeited by the court.

If the defendant is not in a state to pay the bail amount, s/he has to remain in the jail until the case is over. As it takes months for the trail to begin from the time of arrest, the first priority for the accused person is to make the bail. But the problem arises when they don’t have the required amount of cash on h&. It is where the Bail Bond comes as a rescuer.

How Bail Bond Works?

Let’s know that how a bail bond works at Alachua County Jail in Gainesville Fl. In simple terms, bail bond functions like loan, where you have to put down a small portion of the total bail money & the remaining is deposited by a lender which is known as Bonds man. For example, for a bail of $10,000, a near one of yours pays $1,000 to the bondsman & the bond company will pay the remaining $10,000 amount to the court. Now in order to make up the $9,000 difference in case you don’t show up for a trial, you need to provide sufficient collateral. Collateral is basically a house, jewelry or vehicle; which is pledged as a security for the repayment of the bail amount.

While doing so, bonds man takes several precautions to make sure that you appear before the court for all your trials. As the bond company is taking financial risk for you, they prefer to have any of your friends or relatives to put up the collateral. Next they make sure to call you before each court date as a reminder for the upcoming hearing. Moreover, they may call you to their office at regular intervals to ensure that you haven’t left the town.

Conclusion:   Now you must be aware that how a bail bond & bail man works in order to set you free from the jail.

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