When a loved one is arrested, it could prompt a very stressful situation. This is why it’s important to choose a bail agent with the experience to help you through this trying time. Lee Calhoun, a seasoned bail bondsman,is a bail bond expert who has streamlined the local bailbonds process to insure that your loved one’s bail bond is processed with all deliberate speed.

Not only do they offer efficient bail bond services, their experienced professional bail bondsmen offer 24 hour bail bonds in Gainesville, FL 7 days a week serving: Alachua, Marion, Union, Columbia, Levy, Gainesville, Ocala, Williston, Starke, High Springs, Bradford, & Archer.

For over 15 years Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds, owned by local Bail Agent Lee Calhoun has been serving the Gainesville, FL. With his long years of experience, he is the one who will get you & your case straightened out quickly! This is why Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds Agency is one of the most reputable bail bond companies in Gainesville, FL. Lee Calhoun bail bonds services cover a wide array of bail bonds including: misdemeanor bail bonds, felony bail bonds, traffic bail bonds, surety bail bonds, immigration bail bonds, federal bail bonds, fiduciary bail bonds, appeal bail bonds, indemnity bail bonds, signature bail bonds, bail bonds Gainesville, FL.

He offers 24 hour bail bonds service, but also through its sister company Calhoun Cash Advance can provide you with the money you need to post your loved one’s bail bond in Gainesville, FL by providing a car title loan alternative (see calhouncash.com). This local bail agent is the only bail bondsman in Gainesville, FL that offers this service to his bail bond clients. This is helpful for small bail bonds as well as large bail bonds & is a contributing factor as to why Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds is head & shoulders above the rest of Gainesville, FL bail bondsmen. Call Lee Calhoun to get you out now!

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